2014 Sessions

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"Live" Train Schedule Map with the Public Transport Victoria (PTV) API

Session coverage by guest blogger Andy Cole

Session Details 

  • Presented by Andrey Sidorov (LinkedIn, Github)
  • Location: Room Four
  • Time: Session #6 (3:00pm - 3:35pm)
  • Number of Attendees: 15
  • Format: Presentation and discussion

Andrey is a Senior Software Developer at Locomote. He has developed an application that uses data from the PTV API to calculate train position to the best accuracy possible given PTV's current lack of genuine real-time train data.

Key Session Details:

  • Andrey at first started this project at Govhack about six months and have developed it further since then, with the current goal of looking to add crowd sourced real-time tracking data into the mix to augment the data from the PTV API.
  • Wants to discuss what is possible with this type of map.
  • Use of Metro’s service status information (website) may be useful in colouring map to show where trains are not running to schedule.
  • Main use - knowing when train will arrive at station.
  • Potential to add in trams and buses later.
  • Could add in passengers’ GPS (mobile phone) to better calculate position, subject to their consent. 
  • Potential to cross-validate Metro’s reliability stats.
  • Moov it app - works in other cities but not in Melbourne, given format of our data.
  • API in Melbourne may allow Google to integrate timetable into Maps.
  • No real-time data behind PTV’s API - based on schedule.
  • Potential to crowd-source sensors to get actual train positions. Put further scrutiny on government and Metro about actual operating performance.
  • Need to provide some incentive for people to supply their location information - chat rooms etc.