2017 Sessions

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Transit Network Optimisation and Stop Removal

Session Details

Room: Yarra

Format: General discussion

No. of attendees: 15

Host name: Warrick Keating from SMEC

Scribe: James Reynolds


1. General discussion on the attractiveness of trains vs buses vs cars.

2. Melbourne's rail system not optimised as far as stop spacing for metro using. There are significant issues for energy useage, unloading and loading times

3. Issues of metropolitan stations and lack of parking capacity, but can we ever supply 'enough', and even should we be attempting to rather than developing transit oriented development.

4. Lots of opportunities to improve the network, as showed by the success of the 401 service, which filled a network gap.

5. Difficulties in transit with not being able to do things incrementally, whereas a road may be more easily expanded from 2 lanes, to 3, to 4, to a freeway etc.

6. Possible need to look more at public policy analysis approaches to understand how to affect change.

7. Challenges of the inertia of the status quo.