2017 Sessions

In total, there were 30 fantastic TransportCamp sessions. Session notes were taken for each unconference session.  Each post includes all the essential session details, links and a summary of all the key points of discussion.

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Shark Tank

Session Details

Room: Supper

Format: Q&A

No. of attendees: 40

Host name: Knowles Tivendale

Scribe: James Reynolds


1. The Key to the Western Gridlock


  • Lease rural land and establish parking lots.
  • Travel via double decker buses to Queen Vic market
  • Bus priority measures and express lanes

Shark tank responses:

  • Why would we favour express bus services when we have an existing rail system that we can upgrade and expand? (i.e Caroline Springs electrification)

  • Is there a simpler option that can get people from where they live to the station? DRT?

  • Bold idea for Melbourne to start dedicating highway lanes to buses


2. $10 million to fund street popups on 10 streets as shared spaces / closed to traffic.

  • Return on investment in terms of encouraging more activity, shopping in the area, walking/cycling encouragement.

Shark tank responses:

  • good idea
  • Do you need the shark tanks money, why not get some funding from special charge schemes?
  • Trials FUNDED!!! 9/10, 8/10, 7/10, 9/10

3. Car park occupancy technology at railway stations:

  • 500k to reuse parking occupancy camera technology to push car parking at railway stations occupancy information to an app to allow people to make decisions about which station to park at, or whether to drive to the city instead.

Shark tank responses:

  • Great to reuse existing technology that is already installed.
  • Some concerns about maybe encouraging car use.
  • Prefer to see an investment in something less car oriented
  • 0/10, 4/10, 0/10, 0/10 NOT FUNDED!

4. Melbourne Congestion Charge Scheme

  • Revenue of $1million a day to the dragon den
  • $400k initial investment.
  • Cordon model similar to London.

Shark Tank Response

  • Are there any risks or barriers to implementation - “No”

  • Brave visionary scheme

  • Why a cordon, because it worked in London

  • How do you deal with equity? “We are not solving the world’s problems through congestion charging”

  • Really simple, money makes a difference, need to make it free for car share, some complexities

  • Some questions about the exact location of the boundary.

  • 7/10, 8/10, 8/10, 8/10 FUNDED!!!

5. Bike Arrival Stations at All Train Station

  • $250 Million for bike arrival stations all trains stations


  • Agree, but only at some train stations (aligned with projects like Melbourne Metro)
  • As we decrease car usage, transform office parking space into bike arrival station

6. Art Installations through Melbourne Metro Tunnel

  • $4 Million for art installations from local artists that change monthly. The art will be through the tunnel, and act as an animation that changes as the train moves through the tunnel


  • Like the idea, art should communicate message of the land and indigenous people to make it unique to Melbourne and celebrate heritage

  • Better to look at who you would get to invest more in that delivery of the Metro Tunnel, i.e. it’s not an add-on to the project, but a part of the tunnel project itself

  • Art projects tend to focus around stations, appreciate that this idea expands on that to focus on the journey.