2017 Sessions

In total, there were 30 fantastic TransportCamp sessions. Session notes were taken for each unconference session.  Each post includes all the essential session details, links and a summary of all the key points of discussion.

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Lessons from Sydney

Room: Portico

Format: Presentation

No. of attendees: 3

Host name: Tony Smith

Scribe: Tim Hays


Lessons from Sydney

  • Large road projects like the WestConex in Sydney are always proposed to be built underground

  • Sydney has multiple options of entering the city via rail e.g. the ability to transfer at stations such as Glenfield, Cabramata, Liverpool- INCREASED PERMEABILITY

  • SMH attempts to analyse and study urban projects within Sydney, the Age seems to only criticise urban projects

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge influences the city’s transport system as it caters for a variety of transport types e.g. rail, road, ferry

  • Second CBD of Parramatta more successful due to the concentration of jobs in the area

  • Level crossings removed after WWII in Sydney

How can Melbourne improve?

  • Melbourne can increase connectivity between the outer train lines rather than always changing in the city

  • Melbourne still dependant on rail and car, it should increase transportation in the form of ferries from key outer suburbs in both the east and west e.g. werribee to yarra ferry ways

  • Melbourne should focus to concentrate jobs away from the CBD