2017 Sessions

In total, there were 30 fantastic TransportCamp sessions. Session notes were taken for each unconference session.  Each post includes all the essential session details, links and a summary of all the key points of discussion.

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Last Mile Solutions

Session Details

Room: Portico

Format: Presentation and Discussion

No. of attendees: 15

Host name: Brendon Perder

Scribe: Lisa Fu


How do we move people from car to PT?

  • What are alternative modes or ways to get from A to B

  • Buses are a feeder

  • E.g. rotorua - there are clockwise & anti-clockwise buses

What really constitutes demand responsive?

  • E.g. VIC, tele buses in the 80s
  • Outer suburbs

  • Fixed route

  • Roams to other areas when it needed to and people pay a little extra

  • Pioneer of demand responsive

  • E.g. Gowanbrae - runs to a patch on a fixed route, then detours within the patch. It carries not many people but it is a place where there needs to be this service

What role do buses play?

E.g. Flexiride service in Woodend and Gisbourne

  • Provided an important rail station link. E.g. VIC Yarrawonga - buses replaced taxis near border then they rolled out DRS
  • Ptv trial in regional areas with bus and bike integration
  • Doesn't always have to be a taxi for last mile, usage is low in Melbourne