2017 Sessions

In total, there were 30 fantastic TransportCamp sessions. Session notes were taken for each unconference session.  Each post includes all the essential session details, links and a summary of all the key points of discussion.

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Session Details

Room: Melbourne

Format: Discussion

No. of attendees: 20

Host name: Rebecka Gunnarsson

Your name: Samithree Rajapaksha

  • Discussion about why Melbourne can’t implement Cycling as a mass commuter mode even with a room to develop

  • Nearly a 50% of the participants were cyclists

Discussion about the current issues in promoting Cycling in Melbourne:

  • Not safe

  • Very few dedicated lanes for cycles

  • Not convenient

  • No priorities at intersections

  • Roundabouts were not design in favour of cyclists

Discussion on how to promote cycling among the general public

  • Providing big cages at train stations for bicycles

  • Reduce speed limits

  • Developing a sensor system at intersections as in European Countries for Bicycles

  • Organising cycling events to promote the benefit about the active transport