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What does the census tell us about population density, population growth, motor vehicle ownership, and dwelling occupancy in Melbourne and other Australian cities

Session Details

Room: Supper

Format: Presentation

No. of attendees: 30

Host name: Chris Loader

Scribe: Samithree Rajapaksha


What was discussed?

The trends in Population Density, Population Growth, Car Ownership and Dwelling Occupancy in Australia (Mainly focusses on Melbourne) over the past years.

Claimed that the default density calculation is misleading as low density areas of non urban land were included in calculation. Therefore  suggests to calculate weighted densities instead of simple population density.


  • Melbourne is only growing in higher densities not in lower densities

  • Density near CBD increasing rather than in outer suburbs

  • There’s a decline in the population in lower density areas over the past years.

  • In Melbourne Car ownership hasn’t increased at all.

  • In Melbourne there's significant decline in private dwelling occupancy level as well.