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How to design a congestion charge for Melbourne

Room: Yarra

Format: Discussion

Host name: Will Fooks (GTA)

Scribe: Tim Hays


Applying London’s congestion charge in Melbourne

How would it work?

  • Motorists pay for roads at point of use.

  • Including political factors and current parking levy.

  • No exemptions for people living in the outer fringes.

  • Discount for disabled people outside the zones taxis etc.

  • Exemptions for emergency vehicles and car share schemes.

  • Charge freight in the name of efficiency to allow goods in and out for businesses daily operations.

  • No discount inside or outside the zone due to the availability of public transport in the CBD.

  • Disagreement on whether to apply it to the free tram zone or not.

  • Charge autonomous vehicles for the future, additional charge for no passengers.

Where does the revenue from this charge go?

  • Affordable housing.

  • Sustainable transport options such as bike paths and public transport.

How much should be charged?

  • Prices varies depending on day and time e.g. higher chargers for peak periods.

  • $10 for each trip per day into the city.