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Do you really need a car?

Session Details

Room: Melbourne

Format: Presentation & Discussion

No. of attendees: 9

Host name: Julie O’Brien (La Trobe Uni)

Your name: Matthew Diemer


Why do people choose the car over other modes of transport?

The practicality of having kids to drop off, shopping to do, makes alternative transport modes difficult for many people

The type of neighbourhood you live in can worsen the problem

Walkability and Accessibility in the neighbourhood makes a huge difference

Children seem to sometimes be used as a scapegoat for people who just prefer to use a car anyway. Many people without children are also very dependent on their cars.

A possible solution?

Services like car shares can allow people in more suburban neighbourhoods to live without their own car.

What kind of neighbourhood's do families want to live in?

Many families want to live in a neighbourhood that’s more walkable, but it’s also less affordable and might not be able to get a home with enough space for the whole family.

School buses potentially allow freedom for parents to make more sustainable mobility choices for their own travel, but aren’t as widely used in Australia as compared to countries like the US.

Factors that are involved when someone makes the decision that they don’t need a car:

  • High prevalence of low speed streets

  • Local shops, schools, other amenities that are easy to access by walk and bike

  • Frequent public transport options

  • High Quality Infrastructure that provides you with choices