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Successful Carpooling for Staff

Session Details

Room: Melbourne

Format: Discussion

No. of attendees:11

Host name: Kathleen Petras

Scribe: Samithree Rajapaksha


What's the idea?

As a remedy to less car park capacity and to contribute to a cleaner environment, Banyule City Council has developed and implemented a carpooling system among the staff members.

What was the focus?

  • The benefits to employees and to the community

  • How to initiate a carpooling system like by investigating how it could work best for the organisation

  • How can people encourage to participate in car sharing
  • How to maintain the program

Survey conducted on:

The current modes of staff transport, particularly the proportion of staff currently driving alone

Followed up by a discussion about the attitude towards carpooling and whether staff would be happy to travel together. 

Potential issue and solution

One of the critical barriers to implementing a carpooling system, is a sudden conflict in leaving time of the employees who shared the car. As a solution for this they compensate the employees by providing a taxi fare for their trip.