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Why are activity centres so bad for walking?

Session Details

Host name: Duane Burtt

Room: Regent

Format: Workshop, Presentation and Discussion

No. of attendees: 18

Scribe: Tim Hays


Identified Issues

  • Poor walkability between shopping centres and nearby residential areas.

  • High risk of crossing busy roads.

  • Activity centres are designed to accommodate cars rather than pedestrians.

  • Planning schemes don’t address if activity centres are for pedestrians or cars.

Already tried and failed solutions

  • To build corner shops on key location sites to increase street vitality.

Stakeholders desired outcomes

  • Developers prefer car parking underneath their shops rather than outside.

Discussion about potential solutions

  • Shift to make active transport come first in the planning process rather than prioritising building development first.

  • Councils focus too much on single storey land use rather than mixed use.