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The Value of Footpaths

Session Details 

  • Host: Armando Mazzei (Email - armando.mazzei@sgsep.com.au)
  • Organisation: SGS Economics and Planning
  • Session: 6 
  • Location: Portico Room

Session Notes: 

What is the merit of a footpath?

Footpath value differs depending on the functionality and the surrounding conditions. Better connectivity, access and safety. Depends what we need the street for; incorporate a sense of place; the one mode where everybody belongs; 

Perception of safety; lack of footpath might imply a location is pretty rural, forcing people to choose alternative modes like car or public transport.

Connectivity: productivity of the passengers can be mapped with the connectivity; facility to be close to stay close to different features;

Human interactions: benefits of densely packed areas is that people interact with each other and wide foot path provided anopportunity to stay and interact with each other;  this is where the footpath changes from being a transport portal to a place.

Safety: exclusion of footpaths from possible hindrances like car movemets

Business around footpaths flourish and the lack of car parking spaces encourage the workers to engage more in walking. 


The value of footpaths are evaluated in different perceptions. People's choice of path influence the connectivity aspecct.


Future: defining the explanation for Los for pedestrians. The existing Los can be used to understand the healthy level of congestion footpath.