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Planning for Car Parking

Session Details 

  • Host: Liz Taylor (LinkedIn)
  • Organisation: RMIT University
  • Session: 4 
  • Location: Yarra Room

Session Notes:

Begins by stating Car parking takes up more space than people realise. 

Provided Examples where areas have 50 percent or more for at grade parking in the US

Possible reason we have so much in melbourne is the planning requirements. Example the minimum car parking reqs. 

Is this historical? 

Sometimes minimum car parking reqs still there however strategic planningoves away from it. 

Where did this car parking statuary requirement from? Lists car parking in strategic planning policy for Melbourne over time.

1954 document -language about making things easier ...solutions for car parking

Making old areas easier for shopping and parking....so these areas can survive the age of the car

New areas will have adequate car parking provision



Do we oversupply parking

Ejs - parking provision is very mismatched. And lack of integration with on Street.

Fillepe 1 car = 3-4 spaces.

Nightingale found hard to get financing

Anecdotal - Investors and real estate requires car parking because they think they will get less return

Waiver different to removing minimum.

Planners don't have many hard tools like car parking provision. 

Spaces based on bedrooms - assumes each br houses an adult that drives. 

Do we thinking planning can and should determine car parking provision. How do we best do this?

Commercial point of view. Should allow supply demand driven market. 

There is oversupply in Car parking in the city. Levy has closed down floors.

Allowing unbundling maybe only way to go. How we get there or how it can be done unsure.

Liz - there is a strong opinion that minimum parking works and they believe having it helps them find parking.

Need to show resident's there are costs for parking and transport that aren't well thought about.

What are the benefits of using parking differently.

Introduction of inconvenience to car parking. Stacked parking. Price. Small deterents that make people think about each trip individually.