2016 Sessions

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How to make cycling sexy?

Session Details 

  • Host: Liz Taylor (LinkedIn)
  • Organisation: RMIT University
  • Session: 5 
  • Location: Yarra Room

Session Notes:


Car advertisement is always amazingly done. Flying is sexy. Can we do the same for bicycles? PT

Played on YouTube: Mark Robson, the business intl. The bike song

Is this a problem? Why we don't advertise pt and cycling like cars? There's never videos about traffic for car ads. 

This is is probably not a role for government. 

Is there a Better way to represent cycling? 

Highlighted fact that there may be many groups of cyclists. Lack of a cohesive group. 

Some ideas: 

  • make advertising sexy
  • better share bikes
  • promoting travel bike rides
  • targeted promotions
  • bicycle network has more out there advertisement

Bottom line example. local wineries chipped-in in to pay for bike trails. Improved tourism