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Car Spaces in Buildings - Empty Investments?

Session Details 

  • Host: Harry Barber (LinkedIn)
  • Organisation: Phillip Boyle & Associates
  • Session: 3 
  • Location: Yarra Room

Session Notes:

We have developed an understand for external car parks... There are better uses of spaces. Provided a number of car parking buildings being replaced by other building uses.

Number of articles pointing out the following: Car parking is expensive. And they are bolted on to houses. Furthermore they can Have low return - akland st example.

There are empty residential car spaces.

Some are hard to repurpose. Some are easy and people prefer it. Example provided by Harry of unused top floor repurposed as penthouse apartments.

Car parking spaces are 'locked up, can't be used by others and can't be altered for other uses. 

Els - why can't you just sell car parking spaces - currently illegal. Can this be changed?

Other concerns - access to car park doesn't provide access to residential building. Body corp concerns. Spaces are used for anything other than cars

Car parking gets closed due to congestion levy. Whole floors locked out. How can these spaces feasibly be repurposed for better uses?

Needful edible options built Into design rather thanMuch more difficult.

Balancing policies that may not necessarily agree with eachother

There needs to be sophisticated parking strategies (local councils, metropolitan areas). Never gets up to that level, mostly revenue raising. 

Harry suggests splitting 'storage- >4hr' and 'parking - < 4hr'. Define two strategy.

Council parking - how can they replicate the 'westfields' car parking model

Need to have aim, then integrating things in order to get a parking policy to work.

E.g. Inner Melbourne action plan ... 1 pay by phone app.