2016 Sessions

In total, there were 30 fantastic TransportCamp sessions. Session notes were taken for each unconference session.  Each post includes all the essential session details, links and a summary of all the key points of discussion.

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Car Share Schemes Vs Public Transport

Session Details 

  • Host: Nick Logan (nicholas.logan@ptv.vic.gov.au) and Carolina Gaitan (carolina.gaitan@ptv.vic.gov.au)
  • Organisation: PTV
  • Session: 2 
  • Location: Melbourne Room

Session Notes:

Discussion based session

Will both of these combine in the future, what is the difference between them currently? car pooling etc

Can share schemes replace car ownership in the future?

'Sharing' is the buzz word at the moment but is it just a buzz, PT was the first share service

Uber pooling, where is this going to go, how can it/ will it integrate with PT, can uber fill in the gaps where PT cant?

Shared is private only, PT is govt funded, is this a definition?